Frequently Asked Questions

Grease Zerks and Spindle Housing

Q: Why do my EverRide mower deck spindles have grease zerks, and why isn't there a grease vent on the spindle housing?

A: Q1. EverRide designed this spindle style many years ago, and has used it in this design form on mowers built for other companies for over 20 years. We have found that high quality tapered roller bearings, properly serviced and lubricated, will greatly outlast sealed ball bearings.

Q2. A grease vent is not required on EverRide deck spindles because the top spindle seal is only a dirt seal. With a double lip true grease seal in the bottom of the spindle, grease is forced upward, thru the upper bearing, before being vented under the spindle pulley. This guarantees upper bearing grease fill, and also guarantees that grease pressure cannot push the lower seal out of the housing.